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Online Mentoring

Mentoring Program I: SPEED

English mentoring program I:SPEED

Mentoring Program I: SPEED
Mentoring Program I: SPEED

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Online Mentoring

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I - SPEED Program (online):

Number of Sessions: 03 - 1:30h - (30 dd)

Target Audience: Managers, executives, team leaders, independent professionals, individuals seeking career growth, students, among others.


  • pre-session evaluation
  • Quick strategic diagnosis (analysis tools)
  • Focus Plan: up to three specific objectives
  • Career Development Strategic Plan
  • Suggestions and strategies for taking on leadership positions
  • Focus on the urgent: short-term demands
  • Offers clarity and alternatives to overcome specific challenges
  • Tools:
  1. Mentorship Agreement
  2. Two self-assessment tests
  3. Two planning tools
  4. Two coaching tools
  5. written plan
  6. Extra tools available by design

Investment: $ 249.00 (card installment available)


  • Purchase I - SPEED

    Mentoring Program I - SPEED (Online Mentoring)

    US$ 249,00


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