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Online Mentoring

Mentoring Program III - ENTREPRENEUR

English mentoring program III - ENTREPRENEUR

Mentoring Program III - ENTREPRENEUR
Mentoring Program III - ENTREPRENEUR

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Online Mentoring

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III - ENTREPRENEUR Program (online and in person):

Number of Sessions: 15 - 1:30h - (120 dd)

Target Audience: Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, owners and partners, CEO's, managers and supervisors, individuals who want to open their own business, among others.


  • pre-session evaluation
  • Three in depth tests/diagnostics
  • Diagnosis and focus plan: business plan
  • Diagnosis and focus plan: departmental goals and objectives
  • Medium and long term demands and projects (12 to 36 months)
  • Strategic objectives, focus on high individual and team performance, market analysis, level 5 discipline, study of the leadership cycle, team coaching strategies.
  • Personal and professional planning
  • Focus on tactical and strategic
  • Provides clarity and strategies to overcome personal, professional and organizational challenges and limitations
  • Toolkit:
  1. Mentorship Agreement
  2. Five self-assessment tests
  3. Ten planning tools
  4. Ten coaching tools
  5. written plan
  6. Recording archive: all sessions
  7. Two workshops with the company / training team (value BRL 1,200.00)
  8. BONUS : 1 free registration for an online course offered regularly (Value R$ 250.00)

Investment: $ 749.00 (card installment available)



    Mentoring Program III - ENTREPRENEUR (Online Mentoring)

    US$ 749,00


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